Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Robbers of the Lost Tomb


Back after a few months, mostly because there's been a dearth of birthdays that I've needed to make shirts for.  However, I've got some coming up soon, so there should be some more activity again.

This one was simple to paint, but very difficult to find sprites for!  These are from a Commodore 64 game known as "Robbers of the Lost Tomb," where you play an intrepid gray-skinned and brown-hatted explorer carrying an infinite number of yellow-bladed throwing knives.  While he robs the Lost Tomb he encounters enemies such as presumably poisonous snakes (the ropy black thing he's chucking a knife at), armless mummies (which I assume are dangerous in that they could feasibly kick you to death), and ghosts (which don't directly harm you, just teleport you - though they seem to favor teleporting you to a room containing aforementioned snakes and mummies).  Other hazards not shown here include pits of both the bottomed and bottomless variety.

I managed to get the sprites by screenshotting the game on a C64 emulator.  It also served to remind me just how terrible I was at this game - this being the first time I've had a shot at it since I was 5.


Steph said...

I just stumbled across your blog. I absolutely love your shirts! I might be interested in buying one. You selling? Love the bubble bobble one. Are your shirts machine washable? Do the grids stay on?

Yume said...

Wow great tee!!!! Love them ^^

Komet said...

Hi Kat, I've just wrote about you in a video game -mostly Nintendo- blog that i have with some friends.

Your shirts are so awesome!

If you could send us just a few t- shirts to Chile... just joking.

Please keep the good work, and try making a Donkey Kong or Pac Man t-shirt next time.