Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Mario Bros. 3


I do have to notice I've done a few from this game already - then again, it's my favorite platformer. I think there's probably a good number of people out there who can agree that SMB3 was an amazing insight into just how deep and enjoyable a game can be by combining a simple concept and gameplay with fantastic level design. Hearing some of SMB3's music remixed in the soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy made me very, very happy.

(I must apologize for the poor photo quality. This one really doesn't compare to seeing the shirt in person, the colors are much more vibrant, and there's only so much iPhoto can do to a shot. I normally take my photos at night when there's less ambient window light, but this one was an early morning photo. At some point I'm going to make a whitebox so I can take some more decent photos, or maybe just catch a few of these shirts in use!)


raul_dook said...

i must say,
i love what you're doing.

i just found this blog and i was wonder how much you would charge to make one of these for someone.

Kat said...

Hi, thanks for your comment!

At the moment, I don't sell these shirts because the sprites I use are copyrighted. They're given away as presents to friends and family.

raul_dook said...

we should become friends!

well, either way,
keep up the great work!