Monday, March 2, 2009

Final Fantasy


49 x 50 grid, 1/2 cm pixels. Blue dragon enemy sprite from Final Fantasy 1.

This shirt has an interesting history, mostly because it took me so long to complete. I actually started it not too soon after I had completed the Earthbound shirt, hoping to have it done in time for a birthday. Needless to say I didn't exactly make the deadline. I only got through about half the black outlines before becoming very frustrated with the shirt, so I set it aside. However, every time I started a new project here was this half-finished shirt, sitting there accusingly. So I finally swallowed my pride and finished it. Now my friend will finally get that birthday present...

I again made use of some metallic fabric paint that I had picked up. I don't think I'd ever use more than one metallic color per shirt - any more than that and it would get a little too gaudy.

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Bergles said...

Hey there... great site. Love the sprite shirts!

I'm currently working on a large-scale latch hook project which is a screen grab from Final Fantasy:

I've been working on smaller designs as well, and found your site when I needed a sprite from Metroid.

keep it up!